So my mother has been missing since Thursday. When I say missing, I mean that I have not heard from her since Wed. January 8th, 2014. She said that she was going to visit a friend in Charleston for the weekend, but I never heard back from her about flights or about who the woman was or anything.
My brother and I were able to go through my mother’s emails and accounts to find out where she could have possibly gone, but where ever she went, we know it was not where she said she was going.  
I was out of state until yesterday, and the only communication I had with my immediate family was through the phone and FaceTime with my brother.
According the the hand written note that my mother left her flight home was to land 6am this morning (Jan 14th, 2014) I don’t know why I waited so long to post this…Also found in her email there was an email she sent to herself with flight information. There was no official email confirming a ticket purchase. So where ever she went, my brother and I know that she did not pay for herself. 
Her camera and a few pairs of shoes are missing from the house as well, I know what suitcase she used, but I didn’t know where she kept it, so I cannot confirm that she even has one with her. 
I found the woman who she was supposed to visit on Facebook, in her messages. Do I message this woman saying that I have not heard from my mother in 5 days and ask if she went to visit her? I really need help, I don’t know what to do. I’m really worried, and my brother is really upset about her disappearing. 
The picture is of my mother at my graduation in June 2013, her features have not changed. Please help. Please.

Hey guys, 
So I still have not heard from my mother, it has been a week. If there is anyway that you can try to get this out. My brother and I would really appreciate it if you could help us out. Tonight we posted something on facebook about her being missing. It got a huge response from people on her page as well as mine. 
Please, please help.



i often confuse my gaydar with my overpowering pleasebegaydar

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how the heck do they make carpet

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I think it’s really fucked up how so many teenagers are alone and sad and having panic attacks in their room while their parents watch TV, and how a lot of those teenagers have had relatively normal childhoods, yet there’s this huge boom of depression and mental disorders, and its just dumb how we’ve turned into a generation labeled ‘reckless’ but really, we’re only reckless with ourselves

This is one of the best posts I’ve ever read

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This is me, my name is Kelli and I’m 17-years-old, battling cancer for the third time. I have less than a year to live and the only thing I want to do more than anything before I die is meet Ellen. She’s my sunshine. She’s the reason I wake up everyday and I watch her show every morning. She just radiates so much joy and happiness and she gives me hope. It’s really my dream to be able to meet her. Unfortunately, due to a long waiting list, the Wish Foundation told me I probably wouldn’t be able to meet her within my short timeline. But I see miracles happen all the time.. therefore I won’t give up on my dream. I thought that maybe if this gets enough attention, someone from the Ellen Show would come across it, or maybe even Ellen herself will know of me and my wish to meet her. Please, help me make my wish come true.  

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lets make this girls dreams come true 






but then again, its kind like putting a meat suit on and telling a shark not to eat you

We (men) are not fucking sharks!
We are not rabid animals living off of pure instinct
We are capable of rational thinking and understanding. 
Just because someone is cooking food doesn’t mean you’re entitled to eat it. 
Just because a banker is counting money doesn’t mean you’re being given free money.
Just because a person is naked doesn’t mean you’re entitled to fuck them. 
You are not entitled to someone else’s body just because it’s exposed. 
What is so fucking difficult about this concept?



Psych-Quotes: Appeal for donations for Haiyan / Yolanda victims.


Hi guys,

As you may have heard on the news, the Philippines was hit by a massive typhoon over the last two days. Manila, the capital, was largely spared— but Central VIsayas, a group of islands right at the storm’s path, was not. There are still no telecommunications options…


I’m at this point where I’m just so sad all the time. Like I don’t want to hang out with anyone, but at the same time I don’t want him to win. I need to be with other people, but he’s the only one I wanna spend time with. It hurts so much and I can’t get rid of this pain. I really just want him to realize that no one else works out with us because we were perfect together. There isn’t a day that I don’t think about him and I hate that. I hate that he probably doesn’t think about me. I hate that everything hurts so much. I wish that I was able to not feel anything anymore.


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